Blockuits at the 4th Annual World Maker Faire New York 2013!

I’m excited to say that Blockuits has been accepted into Maker Faire in NYC on September 21 and 22! Maker Faire is a cool festival where makers from the area gather and show off their usually art and tech-related projects. The first Maker Faire I went to was in San Francisco in 2009, and I think that experience definitely inspired me to go to Parsons. I saw giant cupcake cars with people in them. I saw a life-size mouse trap game. I saw so many fun and innovative projects. It’s exciting that my work will part of an international maker festival that inspired me to become a maker in the first place!


Blockuits at the International Interaction Design and Children Conference

I’ve been volunteering and demonstrating Blockuits at the Interaction Design and Children conference this week. It has been an amazing experience thus far, and I feel motivated to continue working on Blockuits.

Today we presented in a demo madness session where all the people demonstrating their work were given 25 seconds to entice people to visit their table. It was very difficult condensing one year’s worth of work into 25 seconds. I found that for Blockuits, the best way was to make a 25-second video showing the experience. Overall, it was a lot of fun!

After the presentations were the demonstrations. That was basically another madness session where I talked to and met so many interesting people. It was also a lot of fun! Crazy, but fun.


Day 267: Finished Designing my Paper and Making my Symposium Presentation

Here is my final paper, all laid out and designed:


I also spent the day working on my Symposium presentation. Like I said I before, I would make up for my not that great final presentation with my Symposium presentation. I think it’s much better because I focused on only the foam blocks as my final thesis project instead of all three projects. With the Symposium presentation, we only have five minutes. I think it would be too difficult to talk about all three major prototypes in such a short amount of time.

Here is my presentation:


And here is the video I played right before starting my presentation:

THESIS II -SYMPOSIUM VIDEO from paweena prachanronarong on Vimeo.

Day 255: Final Presentation!

Today I had my final presentation in my thesis class. It went okay, but honestly, it could’ve gone better. I was a little bit distracted because I was going to visit IDEO right after class and meet with some designers.

Here is my final presentation:


Here are the three videos that are in the presentation:

THESIS – WOODEN BLOCKUITS 20S from paweena prachanronarong on Vimeo.

THESIS – Plush Monsters 20S from paweena prachanronarong on Vimeo.

THESIS – FOAM BLOCKUITS 20S from paweena prachanronarong on Vimeo.

After class I brought Blockuits along with another project to IDEO. The two designers I met with really seemed to like the toy. I felt like I did a much better job presenting to them than to the two critics in class earlier today. Oh, well. I will make up for it at the Symposium!